What Books Would You Like to See Graphically Novelated?

by Patrick on February 9, 2010

Recently, Stephenie Meyer and Janet Evanovich signed deals to produce graphic novels of some of their work.  This seems like a great move for both of them, as well as for their publishers. Evanovich in particular, might find a new audience amongst graphic novel aficionados while the publishers of the work can use the authors’ name brands to draw new readers to graphic novels (The Twilight graphic novel, I imagine, will sell like hairwahn, as they say on “The Wire”).

Being the speculative sort, I immediately found myself craving graphic novels from a few other of my favorite writers.  Personally, here are some that I’d like to see:

  • City of Thieves by David Benioff This is a great adventure novel that I think would make an absolutely killer graphic novel.  Just imagine the Russian winter, how stark it would appear on the page, just white and black and red.  There are so many suspenseful scenes in this — the mine-testing dogs, the house in the woods, the initial scene — that I could see an artist doing some very interesting things with it.
  • The Secret History by Donna Tartt If they’re never going to successfully make a movie of this, they might as well do a graphic novel, right?  Here’s another wintry book that would look great illustrated.  I can just picture Vermont in drawings.  This would definitely be more of a challenge than City of Thieves, but I think there’s enough mystery and intrigue in the book that a talented illustrator could make it work.
  • Girl Factory by Jim Krusoe The sci-fi or pulpy aspects of this novel — girls kept in giant jars of bacteria in the basement of a yogurt shop, mysterious old men who pay to visit them — make for an ideal graphic novel.  The challenge here would be reigning in the material, and not losing the edge that Krusoe gives everything.

What books do you think would make good graphic novels?  What books would be impossible to adapt?  (Thanks to Mitali Perkins for the link.)