What Do You Do With Your Books?

by Patrick on June 8, 2009

If the blog has been a little bit light lately, it’s because we’ve been working on our new newsletter, The Essential.  That project should debut in a few days, at which point, I vow to post some really, really good stuff here on the blog.  In the meantime, this blog post at the Avery Anthology blog has me wondering about something:  What do you do with the books you buy?  I know, you’re first answer is “Read em, duh.”  But what about when you’re done reading them (or, as is sometimes the case, when the urge to read them passes and the books are left sitting there, unread).  Do you loan your books to friends, as Edan does?  She even has a little library system in place to track where her books are at any given time.  Do you sell your books to a local used bookstore?  Do you donate them somewhere?  Or do you keep them?

I’m interesting in this partially because, well, I’m the curious sort, but also because much is made about the ability to loan, re-sell and giveaway ebooks.  I guess I’m just wondering how prevalent each of these activities is when it comes to printed books.

Anyway, I shall return soon with a podcast interview with Emily St. John Mandel, as well as more wonderful stuff.  Until then, feedback would be appreciated.