Where Did All the Sidebars Go?

by Patrick on June 26, 2009

If you are a blog that I usually have listed on my sidebar, you may have noticed that you are no longer listed there.  This is not because of a new “non-sidebar” policy on the part of the Vroman’s regime, but rather some mysterious issue with upgrading to the new WordPress.  It should be resolved soon.  Know that I still love you very, very much.

In the meantime, here are some fun things to click on: Good reviews of bad movies.  Why is it so much more fun to read reviews of crappy movies than it is to read reviews of good ones?  Is it because the internet reacts better to snark than it does to fawning?  Possibly.  Whatever the reason, summer is the season for reviews of crappy movies, and this year is really delivering.  (By the way, I count crappy movies as a movie the critic panned.  I mean, maybe Transformers 2 is awesome.  I don’t know because I haven’t seen it.  I rare see movies in the cinema, and consider it a bourgious affectation.)  A few of my favorite reviews of bad movies:

  • Choire Sicha on The Hangover.  This one doesn’t really count, as he seems to be reviewing the people in the theater more than the movie itself.  Regardless, it’s hilarious.  “The men, in particular, seemed not even dressed, in their baggy, below-the-knee silvery gym clothing, and synthetic t-shirts and cheap flip-flops from China. These were clothes that were worn without any intention; these were the clothes they wore when they did not have to wear clothes.”
  • A.O. Scott on Away We Go“And even though they express themselves with a measure of diffidence, it’s clear that they are acutely, at times painfully, aware of their special status as uniquely sensitive, caring, smart and cool beings on a planet full of cretins and failures.” Indeed.
  • Dana Stevens on Transformers 2“John Yoo would not be able to draft a memo excusing the torment this movie inflicts on its audience, yet tens of millions of us will line up to shovel money at it this weekend. God bless America.”
  • Natasha Vargas-Cooper on The Girlfriend Experience“So when it comes to Steven Soderbergh’s newest movie, “The Girlfriend Experience,” obviously there’s an elephant in the room. That elephant is shaped like Sasha Grey’s vagina.”
  • Andrew Foster Altschul also on The Girlfriend Experience“What does this film really think of its characters? Like a Neil LaBute film (see In the Company of Men), it loathes them, loathes everyone who wanders into its frames. It can’t imagine a human being with any integrity or nobility of character—or any character at all—and it mistakes its own narrow worldview for reality and then imposes that Reality on the rest of us.”
  • And finally FilmFemme on Nick and Nora’s Infinite PlaylistThey fall in love and he gives her her first orgasm on a couch.  WTF?”

Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

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Emma 06.27.09 at 3:06 pm

I will say, the Madison section of ‘Away We Go’ nearly had me in tears, due to its startling accuracy. Otherwise, though, I’m on A.O.’s side, as per usual.

Anne 06.28.09 at 3:16 pm

One of my favorite reviews ever was Roger Ebert’s pan of Jaws: The Revenge:

“I believe that the shark wants revenge against Mrs. Brody. I do. I really do believe it. After all, her husband was one of the men who hunted this shark and killed it, blowing it to bits. And what shark wouldn’t want revenge against the survivors of the men who killed it?”

Gillian 06.29.09 at 4:07 pm

Um, thank you and thank you again. Did I mention thank you? When I wrote it, I had no idea that fingerbang review would bring me so much notoriety but I’m so glad it has.

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