Wilco (The Blog Post)

by Patrick on April 30, 2009

Did you hear that Wilco’s new album is going to be called “Wilco (The Album),” and that it contains the song “Wilco (The Song)?”  No?  Well, now you have.  On to the links:

  • This is a link for my friends in bookselling and publishing (although some of you ubernerds might find it interesting, too):  The excellent 3 Percent blog has a post about the perils and benefits of marketing books online.  It’s a must read for anybody thinking about pitching a book to a blogger or starting up a Goodreads page to sell books.  (Via Conversational Reading)

Okay, I’m a little loopy today, so I think it’s best I wrap this up right here.  Back tomorrow with something a bit more substantive.