Young Readers League is back!

by Jessica on August 26, 2014

Thanks to a generous grant from indie bookstore champion and best-selling author James Patterson, we’re happy to announce a new Young Reader’s League program and selection!

This exciting program, in the spirit of One City, One Story programs was designed as a school-wide community reading extravaganza. Two years ago our first Young Readers League selection was Vroman’s favorite Savvy by Ingrid Law.

Young Reader’s League had 1,000 members join together to read this amazing book and participate in book clubs, essay contests, special events, turtle meet and greets, school visits by the author, and a Saavy Soiree finale at Vroman’s! Students all over Pasadena were reading, and answering the question, “What’s your Savvy?”

This year’s program promises to be even more exciting as we announce the
2014-2015 Young Readers League pick:

El Deafo by Cece Bell

This full color, funny, poignant, charming graphic novel for children, ages 8 to 12 (but really for all ages), introduces readers to El Deafo, our hearing impaired hero! It’s about feeling different, fitting in, making friends, and declaring one’s place in the world.

Everyone here at Vroman’s is in love with this book and the kids who helped us select this title could barely contain their excitement for it– reading it 2 and 3x and declaring, “Read it. It IS Amazing!”

Danielle, our Children’s Department Manager called it, “Perfect for children who loved Wonder or Smile.”

Heather, the creator of YRL, says, “El Deafo is a wonderfully smart and funny look at growing up with hearing loss. While Cece adjusts to wearing her Phonic Ear every day she is also challenged by many things we all face: making friends, first crushes and self acceptance. This is a lovely read that you will want to share with your friends!”

This is the kind of book that excites us as booksellers, and that we believe excites children about reading!


“A standout autobiography. Someone readers will enjoy getting to know.” –Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Worthy of a superhero.” –Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“This empowering autobiographical story belongs right next to Raina Telgemeier’s” Smile “(2011) and Liz Prince’s “Tomboy.” –Booklist

Watch the funny and heart-warming video of Cece Bell talking about El Deafo!


We call on all the children in the San Gabriel Valley to read this book! The book comes out September 2nd (we are accepting pre-orders now!) So pre-order your copy of the book at Vroman’s and start watching for event announcements.

Young Reader’s League will be bringing the author to local schools this fall, and in January, Vroman’s will be hosting all kinds of special El Deafo programs, events, including a special visit from Cece Bell, the author herself… in person!!

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